Will a failing Trudeau take the risk of a fall election?

July 16, 2022

Reports are coming out that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are planning an early election this fall.

Despite their coalition deal with the NDP, the Liberals are searching for every available opportunity to avoid accountability before their failures, mismanagement, and cost-of-living crisis get even worse than they already are.

Their mismanagement has left Canadians resorting to camping out at Service Canada offices to receive their passports instead of enjoying their well-deserved travel plans.

Their vindictive, outdated mandates have caused chaos at our airports -- risking our international reputation as a top travel location.

This while the inflation-driven cost-of-living crisis caused by Justin Trudeau’s reckless spending has resulted in a 9.7% increase in grocery prices and $2/litre for gas across the country.

Canadians are now having to make choices between what they can and can’t buy in order to put food on the table or get to work.

But rather than address these issues, Justin Trudeau wants to bring Canadians back to the polls before they get worse.

Conservatives have proposed solutions to reduce airport delays, streamline passport delivery, and cut fuel prices to provide Canadians with relief.

Yet, instead of accepting our suggestions and bringing Canadians the support they need, Justin Trudeau wants to take the summer off, avoid accountability, and hold yet another election.

We will continue to work for you and get Canada back on track.

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