Trudeau Liberals break promise on taxing homes

September 07, 2021
For years, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals have promised Canadians that they will not tax the sale of your home. Now, on page 14 of their platform, they have introduced a new tax on the sale of homes. Will Justin Trudeau come clean and admit that he was misleading Canadians when he promised them that he wouldn’t tax the sale of your home?
“Liberals will NOT add a new tax to the sale of your home.” – Justin Trudeau.


May be an image of 2 people and text that says 'Justin Trudeau has made it clear... HE'S PLANNING To TAX THE SALE OF YOUR HOME. new Liberal home tax.. in this economy? FOR SALE We can't afford more of the same. RE-ELECT SECURE THEFUTURE Chris Lewis for Essex 226.946.1055'


“Our government is not thinking of or considering bringing in any home equity tax.” - Ahmed Hussen

“No, there is no contemplation, no desire and no will to tax people's primary residence. The capital gains tax is not being touched by this government and will not be touched by this government.” - Adam Vaughan (Link)

“Changing the tax rules for principal residences is not part of our plans or our policy. We have no such plans.” – Bill Morneau

Justin Trudeau needs to go and he is on his way out!

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