The opioid crisis

August 22, 2021

The opioid crisis is a national emergency that has robbed too many Canadians of their lives and devastated too many families.

Canada’s Conservatives will treat the opioid epidemic as the urgent health issue that it is.

A Conservative government will invest $325 million over the next three years to create 1,000 residential drug treatment beds for those struggling with addiction.

We will also build an additional 50 recovery community centres across the country.

Canada’s Conservatives will enhance the delivery of culturally appropriate addiction treatment and prevention services in First Nations communities with high needs.

We will provide $1 billion over five years to boost funding for Indigenous mental health and drug treatment programs.

To help save lives, we will partner with the provinces to ensure anyone who needs a free Naloxone kit, gets one - including our heroic first responders.

Only a Conservative government will ensure recovery is the overarching goal for the federal framework on substance abuse and get those struggling with addiction the help they need.