The Employee Savings Account

August 26, 2021
As most of you know, I continue to fight for workers and small business.
Today, our party launched the Employee Savings Account. This is a plan to provide security for the 1.7 million gig economy workers.
It’s time for gig economy companies to give their workers the protection any other Canadian worker has.

Canada’s Conservatives will require gig economy companies to make contributions equivalent to CPP and EI premiums into a new, portable Employee Savings Account every time they pay their workers. The money will grow tax-free and can be used to pay CPP premiums, as well as to accumulate savings which can be withdrawn by the worker when they need it.
The Canadian workplace has changed and the support Canada provides to workers must change as well.
Under the current rules, gig economy workers don’t qualify for Employment Insurance because they are independent contractors, work for Internet platforms, pick up contracts, or have on-call or temporary work.
Canada’s Recovery Plan will provide security for gig economy workers.
Only Canada’s Conservatives have a plan to secure the future for Canadian workers.