Statement by Chris Lewis, Conservative candidate Essex – Time to Unite

September 10, 2021
The people of Essex have told me time and time again that they don’t like American style politics. What they want are results.
I received several messages after Wednesday night’s Federation of Agriculture debate commending me for not retaliating when being attacked. It is not in my nature to do so. I was raised by two incredibly gracious people whose stellar example I have always tried to follow.
I don’t have time for twitter wars or mixing it up with my political opponents on FB. Since I was elected the MP for Essex in 2019, we have received over 10,000 calls, emails and private FB messages from constituents many in dire need.
My focus is and will always be the people of Essex. My priority is to serve you and to ensure that your voice is heard – loud and clear – in Ottawa!
As in the US and around the world, politics in Canada has become very divisive. Our beloved nation of Canada is divided. It is being torn apart at its seams. It is vital to ensure that the very fabric that holds us together as Essextonians is not ripped apart.
I have high school students who are earning their volunteer hours and getting their feet wet in politics. Our Team daily faces expletives and verbal abuse. That is not who we are.
Many of you are fearful and angry – I get it. These last 18 months have taken a steep toll. We are frayed around the edges, concerned about our future.
One in five Canadians are facing a mental health crisis. Our youth are the canaries in the mine. Suicides are up. That is beyond tragic. People need hope. To have some sense that their lives will return to normal. That our community life will again be vibrant – filled with all the people and activities that give us joy.
And yet, for many that hope is growing dimmer. I hear the despair behind the anger. Yet, with true leadership – to unite, not divide - I believe our best years lie ahead.
As Abraham Lincoln said, in the midst of a bloody civil war, may “the better angels of our nature” prevail. It’s time for healing. May it begin with me and my team.
I have always loved the American Marine corps motto, “Semper Fidelis”. It means that they will always be faithful to those on their left and their right. It is understood that “No one gets left behind”. And that has always and must remain the heart and soul of our community.
May we, the people of Essex – a microcosm of the whole - lead our nation in our love of kin, neighbour and country.
Canada is the true North Strong and Free. May it prosper again in all the things that make Essex the best place to live, work and raise our family – and Canada, the greatest nation on earth.
This week, a local journalist asked me to disclose whether or not I was vaccinated. Medical information of a personal nature has always been considered private - until now that is.
The vaccine issue has become highly politicized. As Erin O’Toole has said, it shouldn’t be. I wholeheartedly agree. Conservative Leader, Erin O’Toole has a vaccine plan that is comprehensive, but it wisely leaves room at the federal level for personal choice over individual’s healthcare.
And btw, I am fully vaccinated. That was my personal choice, as is my decision to make it public now.
As I said in 2019 upon my election and as I pledge to you again today if re-elected, I will represent all residents of Essex. Under my responsibilities and jurisdiction as your federal representative, I will seek in every way I can, to protect and defend your personal freedoms.
Many of the issues around vaccine mandates fall to the Government of Ontario. I strongly encourage concerned residents to contact their local MPP as well.
In regard to debates, I won't be doing any more. The majority of people have a computer and access to the internet and each party’s platform. Our comprehensive Conservative Plan for Canada’s Economic Recovery can be found online at /conservative/ Its 160 pages cover a full range of issues. It includes the cost. I encourage Essex residents to read this platform at their leisure.
It is imperative that our health, our economic recovery, our friendships and the healing begin today. The best way forward for Essex is to roll-out up our sleeves now, even before the election over.
The pandemic brought change. I am going to look at politics differently. I have 23 months of experience during an unprecedented time in our history. I have built relationships, learned the ropes. I am ready to go. I have a plan for Essex. It starts today.
Stay tuned for an announcement from me shortly.
Thank you, to the people of Essex for putting your trust in me. I am respectfully asking you again for your support, to help me leave the world a better place than I found it.