Our Plan to Tackle Gang Violence & Make Our Communities Safer

September 03, 2021
Our plan to tackle gang violence and make our communities safer.
Our focus will be on keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, unlike the Liberals who have refused to take action against gangs, while going after law-abiding hunters and farmers.
A Conservative government will bring in tougher laws and give police the resources they need to combat gang and gun violence across the country, including:
*Amending the Criminal Code to make it easier for police and prosecutors to go after gang networks and prevent the import of illegal guns.


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*Partnering with the private sector on a Gang Exit Strategy to give gang members, especially young recruits, a way out and a chance to start fresh.
*Working with partner organizations across the country to develop and expand programs to keep youth out of gangs.
*Mandating the automatic surrender of firearms to law enforcement where an individual has been charged with an offence.
*Imposing a mandatory minimum sentence of two years on the unauthorized possession of a firearm if the person was the subject of a prohibition order or previously convicted of a firearms-related offence.
*Supporting specialized enforcement against illegal guns, including working with CBSA, RCMP, and our American allies to target smuggling operations before they reach the border.
Crime hasn’t reduced during the pandemic. Justin Trudeau has simply failed to address the rising gang and gun violence.
Conservatives will put an end to gang violence and make our communities safer.