Liberal government introduced legislation targeting lawful hunters and sports shooters

August 22, 2021

Yet again a Liberal government introduced legislation targeting lawful hunters and sports shooters; and, in a further display of their complete ignorance, Bill C-21 also captured the air soft and the paintball industries in its net.

All the while, proposing changes to the Criminal Code to reduce sentencing for violent crimes using a firearm. The Liberals and their NDP partners know that the smuggling of illegal guns across the US border is the true source of gun violence in Canada.

For generations, my family have been hunters. From one generation to another, each was taught how to handle a gun safely and responsibly. Traditions are important. We need look no further than our First Nations peoples. Hunters respect nature. We are the original conservationists. We are also law-abiding citizens.

The fact is those who commit violent crimes using a gun, do NOT obey the law – any law, no matter how restrictive – they always find an illegal way to acquire firearms, chiefly by smuggling guns across the border. The issue is enforcement. The Liberals and the NDP know that!

But beyond tradition and recreation and the lack of enforcement of existing laws, there is something more fundamental – the erosion of our Charter rights and freedoms under the guise of public safety. Law abiding gun owners are the low hanging fruit for this ever increasing obsession with exercising more and more control over the lives of Canadians.

Conservatives have and will always support common-sense firearms policies that keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals.

A Conservative government:
· will repeal C-71 and the May 2020 Order in Council.
· Continue to oppose the changes proposed in C-21.
· Restore mandatory minimum sentences that keep violent gang
members off the streets.
· Target smuggling operations before illegal firearms reach the border.
· Review existing firearms legislation to ensure it focuses on dealing
with criminals rather than making life more difficult for law-abiding
firearms owners.

A vote for any other party will give Justin Trudeau a majority government. Only one party can stop him and that is Chris Lewis and the Conservatives.