Establishing Framework of Cancers linked to Firefighting

BILL C-224 An Act to establish a national framework for the prevention and treatment of cancers linked to firefighting
This enactment provides for the development of a national framework designed to raise awareness of cancers linked to firefighting and to support improved access for firefighters to cancer prevention and treatment.
The enactment also designates the month of January, in each year, as “Firefighter Cancer Awareness Month”.

Here is the link to my speech in the House of Commons on April 4, 2022.

I personally served as a Volunteer Firefighter in the Town of Kingsville for a number of years before I entered politics.  I see the growing need to bring not only awareness to cancers in Firefighting, but to work on the framework to create the support that these local First Responders and their families deserve.

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Chris Lewis MP

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