Conservatives Plan for Fiscal Responsibility

August 31, 2021
Conservative plan to bring government spending under control and balance the budget over the next decade.
Through Canada’s Recovery Plan, a Conservative government will get spending under control and balance the budget.

The Conservative plan to secure Canada’s finances will:
-Adopt a responsible and measured approach to balance the budget over the next decade.
-Rein in deficits to address inflation and the rising cost of necessities.
-Wind down emergency pandemic supports in a responsible and compassionate way as recovery gets underway.
-Invest in targeted stimulus measures, such as infrastructure, to create jobs and improve the quality of life of Canadians.
-Get back to robust economic growth of three per cent or more, so people have access to good jobs and opportunities to grow their business, which in turn provides more tax revenue to invest in core public services.
As we move toward recovery, the Trudeau government has no plan to put Canada’s finances back on a healthy footing.
The Trudeau government is spending $424 million a day more than we can afford.
Running endless deficits leads to inflation, which drives up the cost of necessities like groceries and gas. It also puts our social programs at risk and saddles future generations with debt.
The choice is clear for Canadians: to continue with a Liberal government that will spend and spend without a plan for economic growth or curbing soaring debt - or a Conservative government that will build a stronger Canada with great jobs and rising wages.