Canada's Plan to Secure Infrastructure

September 01, 2021
According to the Auditor General, approximately a fifth of the Liberal government's planned $188 billion in infrastructure spending was unspent in the first three years of the plan and was moved to later years.
Also, according to the Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO), the Liberals' Canada Infrastructure Bank is unlikely to meet its goal of spending $35 billion on new infrastructure within its 11-year mandate, forecasting a shortfall of $19 billion over that timeframe.


A Conservative government will immediately get shovels in the ground on these projects, including transit, road, rail, and broadband projects.
Canada’s Recovery Plan will:
1. Immediately invest in critical projects that will put hundreds of thousands of Canadians to work, cut commute time, and reduce emissions.
2. Provide more flexibility to municipalities and First Nations by removing onerous requirements to receive federal infrastructure funding.
3. Scrap the failed Canada Infrastructure Bank and commit the money sitting unused on its books to infrastructure projects that can strengthen our economy.
4. Reprioritize the Investing in Canada Plan towards infrastructure projects that would have the maximum benefit for economic recovery.
5. Build digital infrastructure to connect all of Canada to high-speed Internet by 2025.

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