Canada’s Conservatives will give workers a real voice and the support they need

August 23, 2021
Canada’s Conservatives will give workers a real voice and the support they need
As Canada moves into the Economic Recovery Stage, requiring worker representation on the Board of Director of federally regulated employers is a great idea.
Many countries require worker representation on corporate boards. For example, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, and Ireland require one-third of board members to be employees.
There is strong evidence that worker representation on corporate boards leads to better results. Employees who have a real seat at the table are more productive and engaged. They also can share real-world, everyday work experiences with the board and bring that to the table when decisions need to be made for the company, such as on a new investment or a proposal to outsource.
Other highlights of the plan to support workers which Erin O’Toole announced today include:
· Leveling the playing field between unions and multinationals by consulting with union leaders and then implementing changes to the Canada Labour Code to remove barriers that prevent unions from organizing large employers with a history of anti-labour activity.
· Working with unions to modernize the Canada Labour Code to provide more flexibility in working hours and working from home.
· Giving unions standing at the Canada International Trade Tribunal to allow them to bring actions on issues like dumping.
· Ensuring the federal government’s infrastructure spending benefits Canadian workers by requiring that equipment and materials for federally funded infrastructure projects be purchased from Canadian companies or those from countries with which Canada has agreed to mutually allow workers to supply each other’s infrastructure projects.
· Canada’s Conservatives will negotiate agreements with traditional trading partners like the United States while ensuring that Canadian workers’ taxes don’t fund purchases from countries that abuse their workers or shut out Canadian workers.