A Visit to the Seasons Lakeshore Retirement Home

September 07, 2021
It was my pleasure to meet with folks living at the Seasons Lakeshore Retirement Home today.
Meeting with groups across the county, especially our seniors, it is fundamentally clear that we need to have strong safeguards in place for all Canadians to be able to live their lives comfortably.
The Conservatives are steadfast in their commitment to ensure that all Canadians have autonomy over their lives. Initiatives such as an investment of $3 Billion Dollars into renovating Long-Term Care and Retirement Homes in all provinces and territories, and boosting the Home Accessibility Tax Credit from $10,000 per dwelling, to $10,000 per person. These policy promises are sound, feasible, and achievable.


Seniors have put in so much for our country, we need to make sure that we have their backs, and as MP, I will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.