A Plan to Support Canadians Living with Disabilities

August 22, 2021

Canada’s Recovery Plan will support Canadians with disabilities by:

Doubling the Disability Supplement in the Canada Workers Benefit from $713 to $1,500, providing a major boost to lower-income Canadians with disabilities on top of our increase in the Canada Workers Benefit.

Overhauling the complex array of disability supports and benefits to ensure that working always leaves someone further ahead and work with the provinces to ensure federal programs are designed to work with provincial programs to achieve this result.


Providing an additional $80 million per year through the Enabling Accessibility Fund to ensure:
*Additional incentives for small business and community projects to improve accessibility.
*Grants and support for all types of accessibility equipment that Canadians with disabilities need to work.
*Enhancements to existing programs that will get more Canadians with disabilities into the workforce.
*Reducing the number of hours required to qualify for the Disability Tax Credit and the Registered Disability Savings Plan from 14 to 10 hours per week.

“The disability community has been advocating for these improvements for years, but their demands have too often been met with lip service rather than action,” said O’Toole.

“Conservatives are prepared to put our money where our mouth is, providing real, immediate funding increases to support Canadians living with disabilities through this difficult time.”

Chris Lewis Essex
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