A Plan to Secure Child Care for Canadian Families

September 15, 2021
Women’s full and equal participation in the workforce has been set back 30 years by the COVID-19 pandemic. We need a serious plan to support child care, so women can return to work.
Through Canada’s Recovery Plan, Canada’s Conservatives will support working families with children.
Canada’s Conservatives will convert the Child Care Expense deduction into a refundable tax credit. Lower income families will receive the most support with up to 75 per cent of child care expenses covered.
Whether it’s home care, after-school programs, or paying a family member or close friend to babysit, the Conservative plan will put parents back in the driver’s seat when it comes to choosing the kind of options that work best for their kids.
This program will increase the support lower income families receive by thousands of dollars per year and provide more assistance to almost all families.
Unlike Justin Trudeau’s paternalistic plan, the Conservative plan recognizes that not all women work 9-5. Our plan supports flexible child care options for women in every career path, including those who work shifts or unpredictable hours.
Our plan also recognizes that different types of arrangements work for different families, so we are not going to limit support to those parents who use one form of child care as the Liberals are doing.
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A Conservative government will work with the provinces to ensure the plan is harmonized with provincial programs.
Under the Conservative child care plan, the most significant benefits will go to families with income under $50,000. The biggest boost will be to low- and middle-income families - making child care significantly more affordable.
For example:
· A family with an income of $30,000 can today receive a maximum of $1,200 from the federal government. Under our plan they will receive up to $6,000.