a plan to promote animal welfare

August 30, 2021
Canada’s Conservatives have a plan to promote animal welfare and end abuse and violence against animals by:
-Banning puppy mills.
-Stopping imports of animals bred inhumanely.
-Banning cosmetic testing on animals.
-Adding animal cruelty as an aggravating factor in domestic violence prosecutions to go after abusers who hurt their spouse by hurting their spouse’s pet.
-Providing $10 million a year to train judges and prosecutors on the links between violence against animals and violence against people.
-Supporting pet owners fleeing violence by working with shelters to ensure that there are better options for women to leave abusive homes without having to abandon their pets.
-Working with the Council of Ministers of Education to promote animal welfare education as part of a child’s education on the environment and sustainability.
-Strengthening the Canadian Food Inspection Agency's ability to enforce current regulations and seize animals when imported under poor welfare conditions.